Ancient roots, Modern branches

Who We Are

 We are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, Florida (The UUCFM). CUUPS is part a group of people within the UU Church, who have Earth-Centered beliefs, or for people who might be interested in Pagan and Earth-Centered practices, rituals and beliefs. We are open to all. People who want to be added to the CUUPS list, must make an application to do so. We meet the fourth Sunday of every month at the UUCFM usually in classroom four. All are welcome to participate or just visit and explore.

Lughnasadh - 2018

Blessings and love to all, CUUPS will be holding our Lughnasadh ritual Aug 4th, gathering at 6:30 in Hobart Hall.

This is the first harvest time being grain. We celebrate solar blessings, it is the festival of Lugh or Llew, aspect of the sun. Come join us as we tell the story of Lugh, celebrate your own seeds of harvest. Bring drums, we will be chanting, bring a dish to share we will be feasting. Join us for a bit of story, song and honoring that which Great mother has given us with nourishment of our sun.

Oh but that's not all, Sunday Aug 5th, 10:30 is Blessing of our Animals, also in Hobart hall. Bring your fur friends, swimming ones, flying ones to be honored in sacred space. Please use discretion as some of our loved ones can not tolerate all the hype. Looking forward to seeing you all for these time honoring traditions.

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